China Christians Petition For ability to Worship Freely

China Christians Petition For ability to Worship Freely

Despite the pressure traditionally put on unregistered “house churches,” clergy from dozens of these churches are petitioning China’s legislature to guarantee the religious freedom of Shouwang Church. Many of the church’s members were arrested last month while trying to hold worship services outside.h168(); The petition is the first of its kind in 60 years of communist rule of China, states persecution watchdog China Aid Association. Autumn Rain Church, a signatory church located in Chengdu, said of the petition in a Sunday newsletter, “Starting tomorrow, May 9, the church will pray and fast for three days for this first peaceful petition by Chinese house churches in 60 years.” The newsletter continued, “We ask the Lord to strengthen the church’s resolve, and protect and use this … Read entire article »

Christian Students experience the Homeless lifestyle-Christian Outreach

May 9th, 2011 Comments Off

College dorm rooms are not known for being luxurious, but after spending two days experiencing homelessness, Central Bible College (Springfield, Missouri) students gained a greater appreciation for the blessing of guaranteed shelter and a greater sense of compassion for those who are not so fortunate. From March 31 – April 2, 65 CBC students endured freezing temperatures and empty stomachs to gain a small understanding of what it’s like to be homeless through an event called In Their Shoes. Chelsea Chavez, CBC Student Government vice president, suggested the In Their Shoes concept after hearing about a similar event that took place at her friend’s school.h168(); “We did it to raise awareness on campus, one about the poverty going on in Springfield and all over the world. And two, so that we could … Read entire article »

What does it mean to be “Anguished” as a Christian?

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Anguish is not a word we hear in the Church. David Wilkerson tackles a topic most churches are afraid of dealing with. For too long the Church has mirrored the World. We allow sin in our leadership, sin in our congregations and sin in our churches without calling it sin and dealing with it. Where is the anguish in the Church? Why are Christians staying in their Churches while the world is going to hell? Why are we content with our programs and our little “church lives” and we forget that the world is going to hell?h168(); David Wilkerson calls the Church to rise up! To begin to fast and pray and stop focusing on Christian fluff-the programs, the agendas. We have to take on … Read entire article »