Be Fit During The Holidays

Be Fit During The Holidays

Parties left and right would soon come your way this Holiday Season and what comes with it too is the dreaded weight gain. You should not be frowning at the sight of those delectable dishes since Christmas happens only one a year. Do not get so tempted to change your resolutions for the New Year since you can still keep fit and fab during the Holidays with the following ways:

Proper Nutrition

The mind is stronger than that hand reaching for the heaps of baked goodies in front of you, instead eat a weight loss wafer. Before attending any party, psyche yourself that you are just going to eat bits and pieces of the turkey and not the half of it. Go back to your Thanksgiving party and think if you were as stuffed as the dish you perfectly carved. Let it not happen to you once again since you do not actually deprive yourself of food for the entire year just to do a binge fest.

So practice control most especially if you are seated next to someone who keeps on passing you rolls of bread, mashed potatoes and keeps on re-filling your glass with soda. It is alright to say thank you and pass the plate on to others. Well, there are times when you just cannot say no most especially if it is your mother or even your mother-in-law. What you could do is choose the healthiest option there is on the plate like vegetables or rye bread that is not submerged in cheddar cheese.

The thing to keep in mind is that no matter how great these things can sound, not a lot can be as good as old fashioned hard work. If you are dedicated to losing weight, and work at it consistently then you will shed the pounds.

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