The only product that works for women in a useful way...

The only product that works for women in a useful way...

For men, the major problem is sexual performance. For women, it’s desire. For years, women have searched the market place for a product that can enhance their libido and increase their overall interest in sex to no avail. Women are asking for help, some are only in their 30’s. Although there are numerous drugs on the market for men, nothing has been developed that effectively addresses the sexual needs of women. Until now. Until Erosyn™.

Erosyn™ is an effective and safe product that not only helps increase a woman’s libido, naturally, but also works as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory, helping to reduce the pain and inflammation of such female disorders as endometriosis. Erosyn™ works so well, that it comes with a guarantee. Recommended to be taken regularly.

Lack of interest (libido) to make love is the main difficulty for most women when they are over 30, especially if there is too much stress in their lives from having a full time job and a household to look after. If there are children, the work load may be double. By bed time they may be too exhausted to have anything on their mind other than sleep. Smart husbands help their wives with the household work and can expect to get more attention from their wives. AND, libido can be regained in most cases with Erosyn™. Some may notice a change within days and others may need a few weeks or the full cycle of 90 days. All cells in our body renew in a 54-64 day cycle.

How important is sex to women?
TIME MAGAZINE in January 2005 wrote that a group of 900 women in Texas was tested with some surprising results. The 7 most positive activities were (in descending order): 1. Sex, 2. Socializing, 3. Relaxing, 4. Praying or meditating, 5. Eating, 6. Exercising, 7. Watching TV. Finally , way down on the list was taking care of their children, which ranked below cooking and only slightly above housework. On the other hand people frequently say their children are their biggest source of delight. You figure out what to believe, a survey that guarantees anonymity or what people feel is the right thing to say in public. Another group was tested for happiness. The scientists found that those people that were grateful for the good things in their life were much happier than those that focused on their life’s hassles. Overall, the “gratitude” group was promoting better health. (Also See Eroxil For Men).

The best news is that we remain sexual beings for as long as we live! We have the choice to make a few changes as we get older and have a sex life that is just as exciting as it was in our twenties. Some people do nothing and let their ability to enjoy sex as well as their marital relationship deteriorate. Others do something about it and may benefit from it all their life. Suppressing one of our most basic instincts is not good for our mental and physical well-being. Too many people are not aware that they can make adjustments. Men and women can begin enjoying sex again. When this subject comes up – as we all know from experience – all adults of all ages light up with big smiles and merry laughter. They always instinctively knew it and all doctors now tell you, a good sex life is important for your happiness.

Older people enjoy sex just as much as younger ones. Some say the best sex came with wrinkles and gray hair. You may have to make adjustments in your love making as you get older. Most women need water based lubricating jelly (available in all pharmacies for just a few dollars). Vaginal dryness can be painful and therefore a complete turnoff. If the PH level is out of line in the vagina, this may also cause discomfort. A woman can use REPLENS to correct the PH. It is a moisturizer and lubricant as well. Also available in most pharmacies.

Many women phoned about hot flashes We’re all much faster to grab the telephone and tell somebody about our feelings. Only 1 in 100 will write it down and mail us their experiences. We’ve heard from many women that they were delighted to have fewer hot flashes, after they had been taking Erosyn™ to boost their libido and interest in making love. This was still more important to them, because these are discomforts they have day and night.

Information you should know Nokomis products are completely different from other natural products in this field. They are in a class by themselves. Most men and women are delighted with their newfound sexual health. Very many consumers wrote us saying that none of the other natural products they’ve tried worked in a useful way, such as Ginseng, Muira Puama, Yohimbe, Guarana, Damiana, Punctervine (also called Tribulus Terrestris), Avena Satina, L-Arginine and many others. Some of these may work a little bit. However, wouldn’t you rather have more than a ‘little bit’ of an improvement?

Safety First Starting with ingredients which occur naturally in both plants and animals, our products were subjected to almost six years of rigorous testing and research to ensure their utmost safety. Clinical trials on small and large animals – including prize thoroughbred race horses – as well as extensive human observational studies, have shown the Nokomis products to work effectively and safely, with no evidence of any detrimental effects on health, growth or overall well being. Additional international research conducted by experts in the field, have overwhelmingly confirmed a safe history of usage.

Dr. Frank Sweet, M.D. and N.D.
Medical assessment of Eroxil and Erosyn

As a licensed physician for twenty years, a former paramedic and master herbalist I believe Nokomis Research Inc. has finally achieved the impossible. The have, in a unique way, addressed the issues of infertility, sexual atrophy (vaginal dryness and muscle deterioration), low sperm count, depression and loss of an enthusiastic attitude, brain shrinkage, loss of sexual desire and the critically important relationship of low testosterone as a cause of inflammatory prostitis and prostate cancer.

Eroxil™ for men and Erosyn™ for women have been specifically developed with patented and naturally based compounds that are both plant and animal derived. Why is this important? It allows these innovative products to copy exactly the natural molecules produced by the human body. The production of testosterone (the primary sexual hormone for both men and women) starts in the hypothalamus and pituitary of the brain which send out important chemicals to stimulate the natural production of hormones that are in turn perfectly balanced in a feedback loop to the very brain that initiated the hormone production. No dangerous synthetic drugs or harsh plants that do not work harmoniously with the bodies entire hormonal system. Further, many of the popular drugs are implicated in heart attacks, aggressive behaviour and a potential and a potential cause of both prostate disease and breast cancer in susceptible people.

Bio-identical nutrients or phytonutrients reestablish normal sexual function for both men and women with the added bonus of increased sperm production for men who suffer from problems of infertility. Eroxil and Erosyn are the only products that I am aware of that are totally natural, backed by years of research and mimic the human body’s natural hormone production from the brain to the sexual glands and use all natural phytonutrients that prevent inflammatory disease or cancer.

In our anti-aging clinic, hormone theraphy is an integral part of your vitality and youth. We believe you should do all in your power to protect that vitality.

True testimonials with full names and towns:
Erosyn saved my marriage!
I’m overjoyed with this miracle pill. After 2 weeks my libido is back and I often think about sex. I’m only 32 and my libido was so low for 10 years that making love more than 3-5 a year was too much for me (I’m not kidding). I love my husband so much and felt bad that I could not give him the intimacy he deserved. I saw your ad for Erosyn and tried it. Words cannot describe how grateful I am. You saved my marriage. I’ve tried other product with no results. Carla Daunais, 32, St-Hubert, QC

Desire is back!
I definitely noticed results within 1 week after taking Erosyn. I have now an actual desire to be with my spouse more often. I also have noticeable better orgasms. I regained the joy of making love like many years ago. Leah Graham, 39, Castlegar, BC

Hot flashes are gone completely!
I suffered for 8 years. Only a woman knows what it feels like to have hot flashes every 20 minutes. Feeling hot and taking the sweater off, then feeling chilly and put it back on, all day long. After taking Erosyn for 1-1/2 weeks hot flashes were reduced to twice a day. This was already miracle help. To my surprise after 5 weeks hot flashes are gone completely even during the night. During the night they were the worst as I would wake up with heart palpitations and frequently had to change pajamas. What a relief! Although I did not think I need help with my libido, there is nothing wrong feeling a little more excitement in my private life. Elise Kiviwaki, 42, Mississauga, ON

Clock of youth set back 25 years with Erosyn
It has increased my libido and I’m happy to feel alive again. I’ve been on different medications which affected me and took the vitality out of my sex life. After taking Erosyn for 1 week I had excellent results and my sex life is better now than it has ever been in the last 25 years. I highly recommend it. Many thanks. Joan Batson, 60, Latchford, ON

Second honeymoon instead of divorce
Wow! I feel like I did when I was at 30 years old. Thank you Erosyn!!! We’ve been married for 13 years and I was distressed that I was not interested anymore to make love. I don’t blame my husband for being frustrated. We almost had a divorce, because I had no desire. We both talk now about going on a second honeymoon. It’s a complete turn-around in our intimacy to when we met.
Mona Vezeau, 43, Timmins, ON

Intimacy like 35 years ago
Erosyn is awesome! My husband is very happy. Our sex life is better now than even when we were dating – 35 years ago! I never had climaxes like this when I was in my 20s. Makes you feel sexier and more desirable. I could feel the difference in one day! An excellent product that gives us so much more of life’s greatest satisfactions. No side effects. Husband’s comment: He is more in love now than ever. Looks forward to date nights every week.
Swierina Stratford, 55, Essex, ON

Erosyn is an excellent product
I cannot think of a better description than “It’s fantastic”. I’m back to having a good time. My partner says he has to get Eroxil to be able to keep up with me. No side effects.
Deiane Gagnon, 50, Laval, QC INGREDIENTS: The primary active ingredients in these Nokomis products are amines found in such plant foods as oats, cucumbers and radishes. Amines are essential elements for cellular and tissue growth and regeneration.

USAGE: 1 tablet per day.

Erosyn™ for women helps to enhance their libido and increases their overall interest in sex. It may also aid in intensifying orgasm as many women reported - see our web site. Women will rightfully say, "finally, something for women that works".

Erosyn™ is guaranteed to work better than any other natural product you have tried or Nokomis refunds your money directly to you.

Disclaimer The statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, but rather are supplements intended for nutritional support.

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