Phillips ActiveLink Assessment 5 days left

Phillips ActiveLink Assessment 5 days left

In order for the ActiveLink Monitor to start with a baseline data on my activity and then challenge me, it needs 8 days to assess my activity. I’m 3 days into the assessment. The site and my ww leader recommends you do everything you normally do for the assessment period and to not increase activity until after the assessment. This week I’m working my case management job that consists of me at a desk working with clients. This summer I was working with kids at a day camp that consists of me running around with them. I decided to walk during my lunch at work so I can keep up my level of activity. I still go to the gym for cardio and weight lifting. I took some pictures of the activelink website and uploading the data.

When I plug in the activelink usb port, it lights up and automatically launches the program.

Then it launches the internet to bring me right to my data and profile. Currently it shows me the data for that day. When I’m done with the assessment stage, I will be able to view other days, weeks, and months.

The next pictures consist of ActiveLink Basics that teach about how the monitor works. It has a video to watch to learn how it tracks your activity.

This process is fun and exciting. I’m looking forward to my results and the challenge.

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