1. The pyramids first and foremost were built as spiritual structures to honor the
creator and they were used to initiate the graduates of Wa-Set/Wo-Se who did
their fasting and memorizing of the negative confessions - 42 of them and
declarations - 20 of them. "I have not committed sin," "I have not polluted myself,"
etc. Both the shape of the tabernacle of Moses and the 10 Commandments in the
Bible given to Moses were in use already in Kemet/Ti-Set before Moses lived.

In the Bible in the book of Acts 7:22-23, it says Moses was educated for 40
years by the Egyptians/Kemet-Ti-Seti. The confessions and declarations come
from the first and oldest book and spiritual writing "The Book of Coming Forth
from Darkness into Light" in error called the "Book of the Dead".
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These Facts Describe the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt

2. There are over 2,300,000 blocks in the Great Pyramid. They weigh between 2.5 up to 70 tons.

3. The pyramid at Giza is a model of our hemisphere. It has longitude and latitude computed into it.

4. The Great Pyramid sits at the middle of the landmass of the earth.

5. It has the shape and size of the Earth computed into it.

6. It faces true North, something that you need a lazer-quided compass to find today.

7. The blocks are in place so perfectly that even today a razorblade cannot get in between most of the blocks.

8. When the Great Pyramid was first built, it was incased in white highly polished limestone; as a result
it looked like a giant diamond radiating electromagnetic force.

9. It has (The Great Pyramid) 3.14 Pi computed into it.

10. From one corner of the Great Pyramid all the way around (its perimeter) equals about 30 city blocks. It is over 480 feet high over 1½-football fields in height.

11. The casing blocks to build the Great Pyramid (limestone) are from miles away from the pyramid site, in the interior of Africa.

12. The air shafts (2) inside the Great Pyramid - one points to the star of Isis "Sirius", the other points to the constellation "Orion" named for Osiris. Both Kemetic/Ti-Seti members of the ethnic group the Black Anu.

13. All 3 pyramids at Giza, the Great Pyramid and the two 2 smaller ones on either side, are an on the ground exact replica, as far as positioning and distance, as the stars (3 of them) in the constellation Orion''s belt. This happens both the airshafts and position of pyramid to Orion''s belt when scientists realign the sky the way it looked 10,600 years ago or 21,200 years ago. You begin to know the pyramids are older than many people think.

14. No person or people alive today with all the modern technology can duplicate the Great Pyramid''s structure or have any idea of how it was built. The one certain thing is, it was not built by workers, the size and scale is impossible or someone could duplicate it. The only way it could have been built is as the Kemetic/Ti-Seti history tells us. The use of levitation and power over nature acquired skills at graduation from Wa-Set/Wo-Se.

Isis, a mathematician and Thoth/Tehuti Father of Science, Math, Engineering, Member of the 1st culture-civilization on Earth, the Black Anu, built and supervised its construction. (For more information see order page.)