The hCG diet for weight loss

The hCG diet for weight loss

The diet

The hCG diet promotes decreasing your intake of calories to 500 a day and you are then required to inject yourself with hCG.

What is HCG?

HCG, in a nutshell, is produced in women during pregnancy and can be extracted from the urine of pregnant women. Now all you have to do is inject yourself with it…

The false claims… and the reality

Numerous companies sell hCG products and they make various claims about the potential benefits, such as: weight loss, appetite suppression and increased fat burning.

The reality of the hCG diet and the products associated with it is that it doesn’t actually work. Well not because of the hCG anyway. If you reduce your calorific intake to 500 calories per day then you are likely to lose weight, but only because you are practically starving yourself. In order to obtain the necessary level of nutrition required to be healthy you need to eat a lot more than 500 calories a day. There’s the obvious reason for not buying into this ridiculous diet.

It is also important to note that some hCG products only contain trace levels of hCG, the rest don’t contain any hCG at all. So much for the Hcg diet right.

There is little scientific evidence to support the hCG diet. In fact, both the American FDA (Food and drug administration) and the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology agreed that hCG does not promote weight loss.

In summary, the hCG diet is another fad that companies are pushing to make a profit. The products are not backed by any real scientific research, the diet itself will probably result in nutritional deficiencies and you have to inject yourself with something that is extracted from a pregnant woman’s urine.

Please be smart with your health!