Frozen Food vs. Fresh Food

Frozen Food vs. Fresh Food

You probably ask this question each time you go shopping for fruits and vegetables; Which is healthier, Frozen food or Fresh food? Although to some people the answer may seem super obvious, the real answer is quite debatable. For starters, buying locally grown fresh food is actually helping the environment, as it is cutting the amount of transport travelling to your local area to deliver food, therefore less Carbon Dioxide. However, every time fruit is picked from the ground, it starts to lose nutrients and by the time it gets to your table it has already lost a lot of nutrients and minerals. Frozen fruit on the other is almost instantly frozen and freezing it ‘locks’ the nutrients and minerals in.

The main point is, it really depends on whether the fruit is in season or not, and how soon you eat the fruit, say for instance you grow some carrots in your garden, there is no doubt that those carrots are healthier than any frozen ones out there.

Something else I haven’t mentioned yet is that, it also depends on what fruit or vegetable it is, for instance peaches need to be peeled before frozen making them lose fibre and nutrition, however most other frozen food are frozen at their ‘peak’ meaning that they have the most fibre they could have, and usually a lot more than normal fresh fruit.

Bottom line is, the majority of fruit and veggies, frozen or not will be equally healthy. Some different types may vary, depending on what they are and how they were frozen, what processing they went through, and how long has it been since they have been picked.

For your healthy diet, always choose what you know is best, whether it is because it is in season, or because of the amount of nutrition that is in it.