The Challenge of Thinking for Yourself (but not BY yourself)!

The Challenge of Thinking for Yourself (but not BY yourself)!

First of all, know that I am a researcher. Nothing that I present here is original with me … other than perhaps some personal first-hand experience. Others have studied for decades … and I am blest to be able to present findings that are based on fact and proven long-term experience by others.

You May Know More than Your Doctor—You can think for yourself

By those “in the know” the twentieth century (the one just past) will be known in future enlightened ages as the dark ages of the healing art despite the bravura and ballyhoo about our great medical progress and development of the chemical and physical sciences. (Paavo Airola, How to Get Well, Health Plus Publishers, 1974) (See: ) Robert Mendelssohn humorously (but with painful truth) said that ‘modern medicine is neither an art nor a science. It’s a religion.’ (See his book: Confessions of a Medical Heretic, published by Warner Books, 1979)

Well, there is now too much science and art to be ignored coming forward through nutritional studies such that a growing number of medical doctors are no longer addicted to traditional-medicine (religion) and have “converted”. This is posing an increasing problem for the pharmaceutical companies and the FDA which is steeped into money at any cost, and not to real healing science.

I should say, lest you get the wrong idea about my strong language toward the American (and much of the western) institution of medicine, that the likelihood is that most medical doctors believe they have their patients’ best interest at heart and have altruistic motives … and are only operating (pun intended) based on the limited knowledge they were given in medical school. Nutrition, healthy diet, natural non-toxic remedies are simply not taught.

However, let me continue to quote Dr. Mendelssohn, “I believe that Modern Medicine’s treatments for disease are seldom effective, and that they’re often more dangerous than the diseases they’re designed to treat. I believe the dangers are compounded by the widespread use of dangerous procedures for non-diseases. I believe that more than ninety percent of Modern Medicine could disappear from the face of the earth—doctors, hospitals, drugs and equipment—and the effect on our health would be immediate and beneficial (p.14-15).”

“Modern Medicine derives much of its power from the trusting and almost reverent attitude that most [of us] have toward their doctors—toward all doctors. Roger G. Kennedy, director of the Smithsonian Museum of Technology, could have been talking about doctors when he said, “Positions of power are sheltered workshops for the ego.” Power born of respect, much of it undeserved, is the rock on which the cathedral of Modern Medicine rests. The aura of omnipotence with which the medical establishment has surrounded itself deters you from inspecting your doctor closely enough to discover that he really has clay feet.

“To escape the clutches of Modern Medicine, you’ll have to deprogram yourself as you would if you were a captive in some dangerous cult. … During eight to ten years of medical education and training, doctors are taught how to make you believe they are God. After a few years of wielding enormous power over life and death, they begin to believe it, too. Most doctors would deny this, but once in a while one of them slips up and let the cat out of the bag (MALE Practice—How Doctors Manipulate Women, Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D., Contemporary Books, 1981, pp 20-21).”

Case in point, I am acquainted with a family’s situation in which, by accident, a toddler received burns over one-tenth of his body. In distress, the parents sought the advice of a medical doctor in their church—who was also a church elder. After reviewing his advice and checking into natural means of treatment, the parents chose not to follow the doctor’s advice. The M.D. was so infuriated (and controlling) that he threatened the parents with a law suit if they didn’t follow his advice. (Yes this happened in a conservative Christian denominational church! How Christ-like—NOT!) The parents found another medical doctor who was open to natural means . . . and the transference of oversight to the other medical doctor dissuaded the first Christian church elder from suing! This happened just twenty years ago, so the “god-like” attitude of some in the medical profession will still exist and great pressure may be put upon you to do ONLY what they prescribe; pressured by them, your family members and friends.

Having exposed the above painful occurrence, let me add that I have dear friends and family members who are medical doctors, nurses and pharmacists, and I can thankfully say that what I have written was not directed to or at any of them!

God bless you as you face your challenges. Ask Him for wisdom. He will give it. Then trust Him for the strength to follow His wisdom.